Earlier this summer, the innovative tech company Doppler Labs officially debuted their second product on Kickstarter.

Doppler Labs’ first product, Dubs, were a global success with fans across the board in the music industry. The Dubs Acoustic Filters allow you to improve the quality of the live audio at festivals, shows, and clubs, by controlling the decibel levels.

Doppler Labs’ new product, Here Active Listening, was launched in June and is the brainchild of Doppler Labs co-founders Fritz Lanman and Noah Kraft. The original launch is scheduled to hold 10,000 units and ships in December. Here is the first earbud that is engineered to allow the user to control the live sounds around them with sliders, a five band EQ, and special effects.

The unique features include controls for trebles, lows, mids, and a few neat effects like Bass Boost, Echo, Flange, and Reverb. Here was designed specifically with music lovers in mind. These earbuds give you the freedom to control how you experience the world around you. The slim carrying case even holds two extra charges and conveniently fits right into your pocket.

In order to purchase Here Active Listening, you need to join their waitlist, and we recommend acting fast in order to be one of the first to try this new tech innovation.