Cobra Starship, the group that brought you the hits “You Make Me Feel…“, “Good Girls Go Bad” and the infamous “Snakes On A Plane (Bring It),” has decided to break up after nearly a decade together.

The band’s founder and lead singer, Gabe Saporta, took to Facebook to break the news to fans. In a well-written, humble post, Saporta explained how grateful he was for all of the success Cobra Starship had and thanks his fans for their many years of support and love.

The lead singer states that “…even though Cobra Starship is coming to an end, the things that we stood for (rooting for underdogs, taking control of your destiny, taking shots at the establishment, not taking any shit, and not taking yourself too seriously), will live on and will continue to matter to me. I hope they will continue to matter to you too.”

Saporta will be moving on to a new project, starting a company called The Artist Group with former member of the The Academy Is…, Mike Carden. The company will be launching in 2016.