The Mad Decent Boat Party, an EDM cruise sailing from Miami to Cozumel over November 11-15, has come to an unfortunate end as one of the cruise’s guests went overboard.

Reports claim that the woman, 24-year-old Kaylyn Sommer, intentionally jumped off the ship as it was sailing the Yucatan Channel. The US Coast Guard was contacted shortly after the news was learned, around 7pm on November 12th, and an immediate search for the woman began. The ship was 22 miles off of the coast of Cuba at the time. The two lifeboats on board the ship were sent out for search and rescue.

One of the cruise’s attendees gave updates via Twitter of the situation on the ship.

USCG has been coordinating with the Cuban government to set the best search and rescue plan. Petty Officer Steve Lehmann stated his concern, “(t)he night does add its own set of risks.” The officer explained that protocol for this situation does not exactly exist, as they can vary vastly.

At this time, the woman has not been found. The ship arrived back in Miami yesterday and investigations on the matter have commenced.