As the era of physical music sales comes to an end and digital music sales take over the industry, piracy has become a huge problem. And the law is cracking down.

Rocky Ouprasith, the 23-year-old man responsible for and has been sentenced to federal prison for three years. These online music distribution sites were the second largest illegal file-sharing system in the world. During the three-and-a-half years Ouprasith operated the sites, he managed to distribute an estimated $2.5 million of copyrighted material on the former and $7 million on the latter.

music piracy

Ouprasith with not only serve a three year sentence, he will be on federal probation for an additional two years as well. He will also pay back $50,851 in profits and $48,289 in restitution.

Throughout this case, the Recording Industry Association of America has had a lot to say on the matter. The association’s anti-piracy executive VP, Brad Buckles, stated:

“This sentence should send a message that operating a flagrantly illegal business that steals from others by engaging in criminal activity online has real consequences.”

Hopefully the consequence’s of Rocky Ouprasith’s actions will stop others from doing the same in the future.