Stepping up to bat next on the mighty Ultra Music is something you might not be expecting. Topher Jones, the man behind epic anthem “Brohammer”, has a brand new project under the alias King Arthur – exploring a more classic house sound and style.

This highly talented artist uses his new name to go back a rework some of his previous material on his latest release, “Before I Was King”. Confused? Well, don’t be. Topher Jones and King Arthur are one and the same, but just different sides to the same coin. King Arthur brings some melodic house to the (round) table – the aforementioned “Brohammer” gets a piano-driven re-lick that is brimming with gutteral, warping bass hits.

“Before I Was King” is most definitely worth checking out to see the start of Topher Jones’ next chapter. It’s out now and can be purchased here.

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