Google recently announced a new program that will help YouTube protect users from aggressive copyright claims. The program will provide selected samples of legally protected “fair use” videos and agree to pay to defend those videos in copyright lawsuits.

Put simply, if Google is asked to remove a YouTube video for copyright infringement, it will not only refuse, but will also pay the video maker’s legal costs to defend their right to publish the video.

The program is launching with a total of four videos, including a UFO-debunking trial. Each video will cost Google $1 million in order to give users their legal rights back during this time of a copyright crisis.

This is the just latest step forward in reducing copyright barriers. A study from the University of Utah estimated that a hypothetical law professor, in a single day, would “infringe” copyright 83 times and owe $12.45 million for it. Google’s program will ensure that video creators won’t risk financial ruin with each upload. And copyright owners will have a harder time launching copyright lawsuits.

“We want, when we can, to have our users’ backs. We believe even the small number of videos we are able to protect will make a positive impact on the entire YouTube ecosystem.”  – Fred von Lohmann, legal director for copyright at YouTube