The US record for first-week album sales was being held by N*SYNC, who sold 2.415 million copies of No Strings Attached back in 2000. Well, Adele just destroyed those numbers.

In the first three days since its release, 25 sold a whopping 2.3 million copies. It’s now confirmed that over 2,433,000 copies have been sold in about four days. That number will only grow over the next couple of days as the album continues to be kept off streaming platforms.

The album’s “Hello” was the most downloaded song ever on iTunes in its first week, with a count of over one million. Additionally, she knocked Taylor Swift’s 1989 down from the spot of 2015’s best-selling album.

25 was released November 20 on XL Recordings Ltd. You can purchase the LP on iTunes.

“I am so overwhelmed and grateful to be able to even put another record out, and put it out how I want. The last month has been a whirlwind, it’s literally taken my breath away. I hope you enjoy the record as much as I enjoyed making it for you.” -Adele