Everyone knows the holidays can be rough, what with Aunt Karen dipping a little too hard into the sangria and everyone asking questions about your life you aren’t excited to answer, so here is a little something to show you that you are not alone this season–and that EDM understands your turkey-infused pain.

  1. When the relatives are coming over in ten minutes and you seriously consider turning to the Dark Arts to make this day a little smoother: 
  2. When you consider wearing the same outfit everyone thought was “too revealing” when you debuted it last year just to spite them all:                            
  3. When everyone arrives and you put on your fake, “So good to see you, great that you’re here, please come in” face: 
  4. When you’re having a good time and then your weird aunt starts telling you that one story everyone has heard at least thirty times already:                     
  5. When everyone starts asking about your plans for the rest of your life and you look for the nearest exit:                         
  6. And when they inevitably follow up with, “Why are you still single?” and you take a minute to contemplate your entire life:
  7. But then the turkey comes out of the oven and dinner is ready and you prepare yourself for an epic food smack-down: 
  8. When your green beans with herb butter redefine the meaning of “side dish” and blow people’s minds:                                              
  9. When dessert rolls around and you probably shouldn’t be in charge of anything at this point but your mom asks you to put some music on: 
  10. When your uncle gets drunk and starts telling jokes that probably weren’t even acceptable in 1951: 
  11. When everyone finally leaves and you take a moment to actually give thanks for the first time that evening:                    
  12. When you decide the only gift anyone will be getting this year is your presence at family events because that is more impressive than literally any material object: