You know that feeling you get when you’re finally done waiting for something and it’s here for you to enjoy? That’s how I felt right after Skrillex dropped the music video for his highly-anticipated remix of GTA’s “Red Lips.” With Skrillex having teased the track during his live sets for months now, fans can now see the music video on Apple Music. Along with the released track came an in-depth interview with Pitchfork where he discusses the video’s inspiration and giving a reason as to why the release took six months.

Skrillex collaborated with director Grant Singer, who directed the music videos for The Weeknd’s “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face.” Singer also previously worked with Skrillex on creating a music video for the track “Burial”.

Grant and I mesh so well on a creative level that we just came up with the concepts together, all the treatment and all the art direction that I brought to him: movies like The Cell and The Neverending Story and old science fiction films. He was just so happy to work side-by-side together, where some other people would rather do their own thing. Obviously he’s never done a bad video and he really has an awesome vision and like I said he just let me be super creative in this process. Same with ‘Burial’, so that’s why I chose him.

The video gives the viewer an ominous feeling with its inspiration coming from The Shining and fantasy aspects, definitely worthy of a few nightmares. If Skrillex and Singer were aiming for an iconic video in the world of EDM, they achieved it.

Watch the video below and read more from Skrillex’s interview with Pitchfork here!