We chat with house producer King Arthur, who discusses the idea behind his latest EP, “Before I Was King.” The collection has just seen a release with Ultra Music, and revisits some tracks made under the King’s former alter ego Topher Jones. 

Fill us in… who is King Arthur? 

King Arthur is me. A guy who deeply lovely music and wants to share it with the world.

How did you feel having to establish a new alter ego so publicly? 

This has been in the works for a few years so it wasn’t very public until the music came out. It took a few months for anyone to have any idea it was me. It was only when I publicly started posting about it that people knew it was me.

Do you think your Topher Jones fans will be into this new project? 

I sure hope so. There are so many great memories from the Topher Jones stuff.

Which artists are particularly inspiring you right now? 

I just love songs. Good songs trump everything. Adele and Bieber are killing it in that department right now.

Break down the “Before I Was King” EP for us… when did you start making it? 

I started working on it a few months ago. I had the idea while working out at the gym one day so I went home and started putting it into motion to see if I could really make great new versions of the songs. I really wanted to breathe new life into some songs I had done as Topher Jones.

What’s next for both yourself and the King Arthur project? Any further releases lined up? 

Lots of new music for 2016 – another remix for the Chainsmokers “Roses” and also Sam Feldts’ latest single. There will be new originals as well!

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