Pro-drug treatment organization Recovery Brands released a new statistic of drugs per capita in certain countries. Taking top prize in MDMA is Australia with a ratio of 3 to 100 people who have tried MDMA/ ecstasy in the country. This also follows the most recent deaths during an Australian music festival due to overdoses. Some Australian festivals now want to replace the Zero Tolerance drug policy with a new “drug checking policy,” as Zero Tolerance has seemed to only hinder drug overdoses and dependency on the dance floor. Australia also rates one of the top nations in the world for drug treatment.

United Sates is surprisingly low on the list of ecstasy, coming in at No. 8 under Estonia. Iceland tops the list for cannabis, with the U.S. coming in at No. 3 and New Zealand, Nigeria and Canada following. The U.S. tops the list for both prescription and non-prescription opioids, and No. 2 in prescription stimulants.

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