The “Walls” EP from French producer Tez Cadey that landed through Ultra Music really caught our attention with its diverse selection of tunes. We tracked down this multifaceted artist to hear more about how he created it.

Breakdown your debut EP, “Walls”, for us…

“Walls” is a resumé of the different moods I went through those past years, the happy times and the not so happy ones. With it I also wanted to build bridges between different genres. Many producers get stuck in the same genre or same production style. I find it’s a shame. What’s great about producing is that you have the possibility to evolve. Not fame-wise, but musically. If you get stuck into doing the same thing over and over again, then it just gets boring. Like in any other job in fact. 

Describe your music in 3 words…

Melodic and honest, and nice, I like to think.

What made you go for 7 tracks on the EP? Do you have a favourite?

I really wanted to make an album but I didn’t feel I was ready for it. Seven tracks seemed like a good compromise to try and deliver a story while keeping it interesting.

Who influences or inspires your music?

Many different guys! I don’t necessarily think of them when I produce, but I’ve listened to their songs so many times that it must influence me somehow. The bands I’ve idolized the most are Justice and The Doors. I still kinda do even now, haha. 

You’ve done many remixes and bootlegs. What’s been your favourite to make?

I’d say the Sigma – “Nobody To Love” remix (or the Kanye West – “Bound 2”, same one actually). I had a lot of fun on the arrangement on this. I also made it very quickly, which is pretty rare!

Are you looking forward to next year in terms of pushing your sound further?

Definitely! I’m also looking forward to be making music full time. It’s been tricky up to now to handle both music and my studies. In a year’s time, I’ll be able to concentrate 100% on my career. 

Connect with Tez Cadey

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