It seems like deadmau5 can’t stay out of the news. From his Twitter rants about the collaboration of Justin Bieber and Skrillex to his Twitter feud with other music producers like Ghastly and Marshmello, Joel Zimmerman isn’t afraid to voice his opinions.

Posting in a Tweet yesterday, Zimmerman has considered “killing off” his iconic deadmau5 brand and starting something different.

“meh. considering killing off the “deadmau5″ bullshit and just start something new. did it before, can do it again. fuck it. why not.”

The Canadian producer received mixed responses including Laidback Luke who tweeted him to experiment with an Aphex Twin style of music.

In response, Zimmerman stressed how money and branding doesn’t buy happiness and admitted his struggle for creating the type of music he loves.

Few hours after the tweets, deadmau5 uploaded a new song, “00001,” a clear tribute to the Apex Twin style that Laidback Luke mentioned before. Zimmerman has since deleted the Tweets, but we’re still left wondering what the future could be for our favorite mau5.

Check out deadmau5’s new track “00001” below.