Gemio has combined the historical tradition of friendship bracelets with advanced technology to create something entirely unique. The company has just announced their launch of high-tech music friendship bracelets, the first of its kind, designed for self-expression and connecting with friends in real life.

The Gemio bracelet is the first to focus on connecting people rather than devices. It uses technology similar to Bluetooth that creates a network when two friends pair their bracelets in person. When the bracelets are paired, Gemio creates a network that recognizes who you are with and responds to what you are doing. The bracelet lights up when your friends are neaby, playing a signature “light tone,” or a personalized ringtone with lights.

The bracelets have a uniform design with interchangeable Gemsets that can be snapped on and off. The bands are each backlit by millions of colors and special effects so that the bracelet can have a new look every day. The Gemio has 20 RGB LEDs, which can be used for communication in the form of light messages. “Light is becoming an integral part of fashion design,” said Christy Saito, vice president of product and merchandising of Gemio. “We have created the first wearable to bring it off the runway and onto people’s wrists.”


With Gemio, you can wave hello and have a light show on your wrist, send light messages to friends, or just have a wearable form of art. Point it at your favorite blue shirt and it changes the backlighting of the Gemset to match. Wear it to a concert or party and it will flash to the beat of the music. Many features can be controlled directly from the bracelet, but for even more options you can use the MyGemio App.

“We felt it was time to update the timeless tradition of friendship bracelets by using technology to add new layers of meaning and connection while still preserving its personal and symbolic value.” – Michael Bettua, CEO and co-founder of Gemio.

For a limited time only, you can pre-order a Gemio at Bracelets start at $80 and swappable Gemsets start at $20. Product shipment is scheduled for 2016.