Skrillex has a reputation for his crazy collaborations, each one bringing what seems to be more hype and more excitement than the last. The DJ and producer has an appreciation for each artist he works with, and it’s exciting for fans to experience each new partnership. And now, Grimes and A$AP Ferg will join his collaboration roster.

A$AP Ferg released the information briefly in an interview stating:

“I got a joint with Skrillex called “Hungry Ham,” that’s about my hood. It’s me Skrillex and Grimes; Crazy. She’s rapping mad fast under me”

… I was headed to Swizz Beatz’s surprise birthday party that Alicia Keys was throwing for him, and then I got a call from Diplo and from Skrillex and a few other people like yo, Madonna wants you to come to the studio.” 

The announcement was short, but the track will be something to watch for.

Check out the interview below: