Doppler Labs, which became well-known after giving their DUBS Acoustic Filters to Coachella 2015 ticket holders, announced their latest project soon after, the Here Active Listening. Doppler Labs has set their goals to change the way in which people hear the world since the company’s launch in 2013.

Here Active Listening is a groundbreaking in-ear system that integrates two wireless earbuds with a curated listening experience on a smartphone app. In June 2015 the company unveiled the earbuds, and since has raised $17 million in Series B funding, acquiring investors such as Live Nation, Universal Music Group, and MWE.

Here is expected to be one of the most innovative technologies yet. Noah Kraft, CEO and founder of Doppler Labs, shares that the technology is on target to be made available to the public by the end of the year. To learn more check out their official website.

He hopes that one day, the app’s capabilities will be replaced with machine learning, which would enable the earbuds to act without being specifically programmed.

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