New music from Canadian bass music overlord Excision is always welcome here, there or anywhere in fact. It’s always exciting to see fresh material from the man himself and his mammoth Rottun Records label land in the inbox, especially whilst he is busy smashing it on his 2016 tour “The Paradox.”

With word of a brand new Excision album on the horizon spreading like wildfire, we get five solid remixes of the massive “Codename X”. Coming courtesy of Virtual Riot, xKore, Truth, RYLE & Sullivan King and Miu, all stamp their own unique style and sound on this super sized dubstep. The goods are delivered as usual from xKore, while Miu takes things down a step with a more electro edged feel. Truth strips things back, and in doing so definitely gets pick of cuts here.

The “Codename X” remixes are out now and you can grab them here.

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