Get ready for Anders Crawn in 2016, as he continues pushing his stunning blend of house from Denmark and beyond. After just releasing his brand new single “The Boy Is Mine”, the future is looking bright for this talent.

What has been your most memorable point in your career?

I think it was when I was playing main stage at a big carnival close to my hometown in Denmark. The crowd was amazing, I think there were about 10,000 maybe! 

What software do you use?

Back in the days I worked with Fl Studio, but now I work in Ableton, it’s an incredible piece of software.

Where in the world are you based right now? Do your surroundings inspire you?

Right now I’m in Egypt, while I answer this Q&A I’m actually laying next to the pool with a tropical drink in my hand, so there might be some inspiration for some tropical house right now! 

What made you decide to tackle “The Boy Is Mine”?

It’s actually a long story, but I will try to shorten it up. For a long time i have made ghost productions for buddies of mine in the genre of deep/tropical house, and I really enjoy producing it! I decided to make a new alias, from which I will only be doing more laidback stuff. With that said I just really love the song by Brandy and Monica, and I felt like it needed a 2015 touch.

Are there any other R&B tunes you would like to make your own?

I have tried with a lot of different songs, but I won’t release any of them until I’m 100% satisfied about the result. So I actually can’t tell what will be the next R&B tune I put my finger on.

Do you have any resolutions for this year?

Not at all actually. I just want to make some good music for my fans!

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