Google is reportedly working on their next future-tech venture in the form of a wearable technology for your ear.

United Sciences business development EVP Adam Mathes, whose company specializes in 3D scanning of the human ear to create custom-fitted devices like hearing aids and in-ear monitors for musicians, initially reported on the new project. Mathes did not elaborate on the function of the tehnology, but he referred to the ear as a “physiological playground.”

Google is allegedly working with Glass technical lead Thead Starner on the in-ear device. Nothing has been confirmed, but in 2015 it was announced that Google Glass was being absorbed into a group named Project Aura, which is also focusing on other wearable technology.

 “He’s [Starner] working with Google still on some kind of in-ear wearable and Glass combination. They’re very keen on the ear.” -Adam Mathes