Symbiosis Gathering has become a staple in the California festival season (expanding to Oregon for the 2017 Eclipse), and the date and location have finally been released! The Symbiosis “Family Tree” Gathering will return this September 22-25, 2016 to the Woodward Reservoir. Last year, the festival was a playground for attendees, complete with the legendary lakeside Swimbiosis stage, art galleries, installations, art boats and much more.

Symbiosis Gathering: Family Tree will be an epic return, the theme for the week celebrating the reunion of families and memories. The festival is an every changing, constantly growing experience that boasts six stages settled on a five-point peninsula surrounded on all edges by peaceful water. Attendees are treated to the unique experience, surrounded by nature, with the ability to play and swim while listening to their favorite tunes. The five days of music also includes multiple performances, immersive classes, and hundreds of inspiring talks and workshops.

What I love about Symbiosis Gathering though, is it’s absolute sense of community that is echoed in everything that the Symbiosis Family does. The festival embraces this ethos of participation by extending open invitations each year for it’s community members to become involved.

Applications for art boat certification, workshop guides, photographers, healers, musicians & performers, live painters, street team members, and more are available HERE.