We all know what a drag it is to run the risk of missing the opening of your favorite artist at a festival because you’re stuck in the dreaded 20-minute beer line. But now, Bottoms Up has created a new way to fill up your beer and get back to the mosh pit without the half-hour hassle.

The company has created revolutionary beer dispensary machines and matching glasses that will change the way you could drink at festivals. The bottom of the glass connects directly to the dispenser and, through the bottom of the cup, fills it to the brim with your favorite beer. This reverse soda fountain technology utilizes strong magnets in the bottom of the glass which hook it into place on the dispenser pad, allowing the beverage to shoot upwards through the glass. The bottom of the glass is sealed upon removing it from the dispenser, creating a mess-free, stress-free pour.

Bottoms Up currently sells in-counter and over-counter dispensaries, with six dispenser pads to each bar. That means that instead of waiting for a volunteer to make each pour for you, up to six people at a time can fill their glasses and be back to the show. If this tech was installed at festivals, getting a beer would become just as quick and easy as filling up your water bottle. This would put significantly less stress on the workers as well as the attendees.

Keep your fingers crossed that this innovative tech catches on in time for festival season this summer. For more info on this genius invention check out their site and video.