New year, new you, new albums to mark your calendar for. Just in case your New Year’s resolution to eat better, exercise more often, or call your mother on a regular basis has already tanked, crashed, and burned in a fiery explosion of high expectations, here are the albums being released this year that should restore your will to make it into February, head held high. Well, higher. So stop staring balefully at that aspirational, now-wilted kale you bought on your early January spree through the produce section and feast your eyes on this: the anticipated albums of 2016. In my own humble opinion of course.

  1. Radiohead

Have you heard the news around the digital water cooler? Radiohead is back at it again, for like the millionth time, and social media is all atwitter. Yorke and the bunch are set to release their new, ninth studio album—at this point, without a title—in 2016, coinciding with new tour dates across the globe. Whet your appetite with “Spectre,” which the group recorded for the most recent Bond film (although it went unused in favor of Sam Smith *cries internally*) and from Yorke’s successful solo project, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes.


  1. Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles is the band whose name you drop at parties where you feel musically out of your league. Guaranteed thirty-second duration hipster street cred post-mention. This one is a little hazier as far as exact details go, but prepare yourself for some psychedelic, dreamy electronica, because that is what this ensemble consistently delivers. Pump yourself up for their new release, apparently set to drop sometime later this year, by listening to the following grocery-store free samples, one from their most recent album, the other a newly released demo.

  1. Santigold

This one’s a sure thing, because the lovely lady herself has already released the first couple of tracks off of her upcoming album, to be released in full on February 26th 2016. The title? 99¢. In a word, infectious. Listen here.

  1. Band of Horses

Apparently scheduled for an early 2016 release, this will be the first we have seen of the Band since Bed Bridwell released Sing into My Mouth, a questionably titled covers collaboration made in conjunction with Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam. Play “The Funeral” on repeat in preparation…or die.

  1. Chairlift

Okay, so this one already came out this year, so you can’t exactly look forward to it, but buck up friend, because you can use Chairlift’s bubbly, indie pop Moth to warm the cockles of your cold, dead heart. But just in case you forgot how much you love them, here’s a reminder.

  1. Weezer

GASP YES IT’S TRUE. Due to dump its musical glory on us on April 1st, Weezer will give us its tenth studio album, anticlimactically and eponymously titled, Weezer. These sweater-vest happy nerds who made the nineties and two thousands so awesome are set to do it again. Say it ain’t so…OH WAIT DON’T JUST KIDDING THE OPPOSITE.  “Thank God for Girls” promises good, alt-rock hangs to come.

  1. Azealia Banks

Business and Pleasure, Banks’s newest release, is TBA as of today, but that definitely won’t stop me from blasting “1991” in anticipation. Be advised, neighbors.

  1. And…the honorable mentions. All TBA, all anxiety-inducing in the best possible way.

Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, Modest Mouse, Gorillaz.