If you aren’t familiar with Martin Shkreli, he’s the pharma bro that, according to BBC, is the ‘most hated man in America.’ For reference, he raised the price of a drug from $13.50 to $750 – an over 5,000% increase. And that’s just one instance of why he’s not so fond in the public eye.

This time around, Shkreli seems to have screwed himself over.

Last week he offered Kanye West $10 million for the rights to his latest album, The Life of Pablo. In his attempt to take away the attention from Kanye, he ultimately hurt himself. Shkreli posted a flurry of tweets claiming that he lost $15 million in Bitcoin to a man named “Daquan,” whom Shkreli believed was “Kanye’s boy.”

You can see some of Shkreli’s Tweet rant below.