Grammy Award-winning artist Imogen Heap has a new product that hopes to combine music and technology – the Mi-Mu Gloves.

These gloves give any individual who wears them the power to build an entire musical composition with their fingertips. As the artist described in an interview with CNN, it’s all about monitoring your gestures and creating sounds based on them.

“It takes all the information about your hand and the posture that you are making – where your hand is positioned and how fast you are moving it – and it sends all that information to the computer and then allows you to, on the computer, tell your music software what to do with each gesture.”

Though the gloves initially began on Kickstarter, they were unable to meet their goal. The project later found a team of engineers and hackers willing to simultaneously fund the gloves and work on them further. We hope to see them become a large part of the wearable tech world in the near future.

See the video below to learn more.