In case you’ve been living under a rock, pop singer Kesha has been entrapped in a lawsuit for the last two years in an attempt to end a six album contract with Sony Music based on allegations that producer Dr. Luke sexually and physically abused her.

Just recently under a court decision, it was ruled that the “Tik Tok” singer could not make music unless under the supervision of Dr. Luke. The judge noted that Sony has allowed Kesha to record with other producers. However, Sony will most likely not help promote her album if she works with outside producers in order to protect the interests of Dr. Luke. In response, Kesha has received tremendous support from celebrities and fellow artists like Taylor Swift, who generously donated $250,000 towards her legal battle.

Grammy-winning producer Zedd recently stepped forward to express his support for Kesha.

With Kesha’s unique style and Zedd’s notable production and knack for No. 1 hits, a collaboration song would definitely be something we wouldn’t want to miss.

Whether the claims by the singer are true or not, this decision is truly heartbreaking. Kesha’s situation highlights how pervasive rape culture and victim blaming is in our society and shows how our legal system fails to protect these victims, whom the vast majority are women. Rather than protect them, they are shunned and pushed to be too afraid to come forward. If a privileged woman with power and status can’t catch a break, how is anyone else suppose to have hope?

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