FINALLY, the product we all didn’t know we couldn’t live without has arrived. You can now play your music, and eat it too.

Matthew Herbert is a man of many names: aka Doctor Rockit, Radio Boy, and Mr. Vertigo. He’s mixed with the sounds of our internal organs, recorded the rushing sewers of Fleet Street, and now he brings the world his latest creation, “Edible Sounds.”

Herbert has made a fully functional record out of a simple tortilla; the first product in his series of “Edible Sounds.”

There are only 12 copies of this premier product, and Herbert says it may be best to leave them on the turntables for now and off your dinner plate.

The tortilla masterpiece, while “unlikely to be delicious” is still “playable on normal hifi.”

Herbert is famous for his ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to music, and this is far from his first avant-garde endeavor. Herbert is currently crowdfunding for his album-turned-literature project entitled The Music, and before that even chronicled the life cycle of a pig in 2011 album One Pig.

We are holding out hope that Herbert’s second product on “Edible Sounds” will be slightly more promising in the olfactory department than the prototype.