During SXSW, Sony revealed their latest prototype toward the future of headphones being ear-free, Concept N. Concept N aims to allow people to hear the music they love while still being able to hear their own surroundings. The design of Concept N is designed to be worn around the neck and even more promising is the specialized speaker system that will direct sounds upwards toward the user’s ears.

sont concept n

Sony’s Concept N also comes equipped with motion sensors and GPS, which is used to determine the direction in which you are walking and the angle in which its onboard 8MP camera will take pictures. The behavior tracking within Concept N allows contextual information such as the news, weather, or sports information can be delivered to its’ users through a variety of voice commands. Sony has revealed an option set of earphones looping around one’s ear will be made available.

Sony leaves their consumer base intrigued with no comments about any future release dates for this innovative wearable technology.