British trip-hop masters Massive Attack came out with a visual video for their EP, Ritual Spirit, and the result can be described as no less than a work of art (and a trippy, psychedelic one at that). It’s the kind of video that gives you goosebumps.

Medium alongside group member “3D” Robert Del Naja created this lovely video, with smoky vocals courtesy of East-London singer Azekel. The star of the video, model Kate Moss, is filmed dancing freely illuminated by a single bulb on a wire that she swings around her like poi.

“The dance invoked the spirit of the track perfectly,” Del Naja said, “intimate and ritualistic.”

The collaboration between Moss and Massive Attack comes as no surprise.

“Me and Kate have been friends for years, but had never collaborated, so last year we booked a studio with Medium and set up a shoot,” Del Naja said. “We edited it back in Bristol to keep it raw with no re-touching, I didn’t want to lose the spirit of that moment.”

Earlier this year, the group stated their intent to release two EPs and an album in 2016. Ritual Spirit was the first of the EPs. Last month, they shared a visual for the project’s Young Fathers collaboration “Voodoo in My Blood,” starring actress Rosamund Pike, possessed to dance by an outside force. “Take It There” starring John Hawkes is powerful work with Massive Attack and Tricky, as the protagonist of the video dances with his demons. All three tracks, including Ritual Spirt, are centered around the rituals of dance.

Del Naja says that there was no intention for the three pieces to fit together so perfectly.

“It’s strange how things turn out,” he says. “All three films from Ritual Spirit have been dance pieces. Never been our style. Unexpected, and quite by accident — fate, I guess.”