“SoundCloud Go” is officially a go — after rumors have been flying and the competition among streaming services has grown continually more fierce, you can now pay $9.99/month (or $12.99 for iOS devices) to stream offline and use the services without advertisements. It also offers the ability to access the music libraries of the three major labels, along with 20,000 other independent labels, in addition to the usual remixes, artists and podcasts available to all users.

In a press release, the CEO of SoundCloud, Alexander Ljung, said:

“SoundCloud Go represents our vision of the future of music streaming: a platform for creators to collaborate on; for fans to discover the latest tracks, enjoy legendary music and connect with their favorite artists; and for our unique creative community to have the opportunity to be paid for their work.”

However, according to its initial users, it’s not doing so hot thus far. Billy Steele of Engadget wrote this morning that it’s “difficult to use and lacks many songs other services offer”; it could use “some reorganizing.”

You can try the 30-day free trial here.