Chris from DVBBS may have single-handedly ruined his and his brother’s career this morning over a string of Tweets insulting Kesha over her ongoing lawsuit against Dr. Luke.

Kesha has been going through a very public trial over allegations that one of her producers emotionally and sexually abused her. These are allegations which the DVBBS duo has no involvement in.

This morning, in a string of (what are now deleted) Tweets, “Chris Chronicles” accused Kesha of making up the allegations for “beats.” He began his offensive Tweet by stating that she refused to take a photo with him one time, in an attempt to “solidify” his insult.

Angry Tweets have already begun to spin out of control at festivals who have booked the duo for performances this summer, such as VELD and Escapade. Chris has since attempted to apologize.

It is no joke that some of these festivals may have to take the fans seriously and consider removing DVBBS from their lineups if they want their reputation to survive.