Politics has been a particularly hot topic in the music scene this election season. Given the vast ocean between the aggressive conservative policies of presidential candidate Trump, and the equal rights, free-education socialist ideals of his rival in the race Bernie Sanders, it comes as no surprise that one candidate has been demonized by popular DJs while the other racks massive support with Millennial music fans and the electronic dance artists who love them.

Diplo’s public support of Bernie Sanders has been no secret, but yesterday the producer finally put his whole weight behind Sanders in a new, official promotional video. The one-minute approved campaign video was posted via Instagram and features Diplo’s song “Revolution,” which perfectly accompanies the inspiring images of Sanders supporters (of every color and coupling) working hard together with their candidate, full of hope, and passionately working towards fostering the changes they wish to make in the world.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump is facing major backlash following the statement he made recently on MSNBC in a talk with Chris Matthews where he said he would consider implementing punishment on women for abortion. Well, dance icon Moby wasn’t having it. He took to Facebook last Wednesday night and gave the Republican forerunner a piece of his mind. It’s safe to say Trump will not be winning many EDM artists’ votes this November.

“This privileged piece of shit just said that women who get abortions should be ‘punished’. I’m not a woman, but I assume that the trauma of terminating an unwanted pregnancy is horrifying beyond words. For a privileged white man to say that women who are already suffering need to be ‘punished’ is fucking evil and psychotic.”