Having only recently made a stunning remix with Savage Skulls that got a release on Ultra Music, we decided to go Behind The Bass with the talented Swedish artist Adrian Lux. 

Thanks for joining us, how are you today?

I’m great, its 8:20 am and still up making beats, haha.

What first got you into music? 

It was when started a new school when I was a kid, all my new classmates were into hip hop, like rapping and all that stuff. So I decided that I would become the DJ/Producer, and it fitted me perfectly since I was already sleepless during the nights – now I had something to do while being sleepless.

You recently teamed up with Savage Skulls on a remix for CLMD. What was it like working with those guys?

It was dope, they are some of my closest friends so it came very natural. We have always shared the love for UK house and 2 step, and thought It would be an awesome mode for the remix!

Did you have many arguments between each other? 

Not really, I tried doing something weird with the song at one point, but then realised it was good the way it was, hahaha. I have a tedency to overthink stuff, that’s why it’s good to work in a team sometimes, it keeps the sanity level in the studio.

Was it hard to decide what direction to take and agreeing with each other?

Not at all, like you just go with the feeling, and this was something that came easy to us.

Where did you pull your influences for this remix?

You know lot of garage and 2 step vibes, UK clubbing basically.

Is there any new stuff coming out from you in the near 

Yes we have actually been working a lot lately so hoping to get some new stuff out later this year.

Where can we next expect to se you playing?

My next show is in San Diego! It will be fun, I just wrapped up a Swedish tour so I’m eager to get back to the States.

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