Over the past two years, Kesha has been entrapped in a messy lawsuit against her producer Dr. Luke, whom she’s accused of physical and mental abuse. Back in February, Kesha’s preliminary injunction request was rejected by the court which would have freed her from her Sony contract and prevented her from working with Dr. Luke any further.

On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich has completely thrown out Kesha’s case against Sony and Dr. Luke due to the lack of evidence of her allegations. Additionally, Justice Kornreich also rejected Kesha’s allegations that she was the victim of a hate crime.

“Although Gottwald’s (Dr. Luke) alleged actions were directed to Kesha, who is female,” the judge said, the claims “do not allege that Gottwald harbored animus toward women or was motivated by gender animus when he allegedly behaved violently toward Kesha.” “Every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime,” she wrote.

This ruling comes a few days after Kesha claimed Sony offered her a deal out of her contract in exchange that she recant her abuse allegations.