Secret Solstice made headlines last year after their VIP festival tickets sold for over $200,000 a piece, but this year they’re making that ticket look like chump change.

This year’s third annual Secret Solstice in Iceland will take place inside of a volcano, on top of a melting glacier to raise social awareness this June. ‘Inside The Volcano’ is limited to about only 25 guests and is ultra exclusive, general admission tickets went for $1970. The VIP ticket price this year, however, is now at a whopping $1 million–the world’s most expensive festival ticket.

The $1 million ticket includes transportation on a private jet from anywhere in the world for six people, a huge luxury six-room villa in the capital of Iceland, a car service with 24/7 personal assistants, a helicopter ride from the capital Reykjavík to the Langjökull glacier for private and intimate performances, nature expeditions to see whales and dolphins, access to anywhere on festival grounds-including restricted areas, and food and drinks are also included.

Secret Solstice will be held June 16-19 and tickets are currently still available.. The whole 72 hours will be bathed in sunlight for partygoers to get the most out of their experience. So far, Radiohead and the Deftones have been confirmed as a few of the top headliners.