Doppler Labs is known for their innovative new technology, and their latest venture involves teaming up with world-famous DJ and producer, Tiesto. Doppler Labs has just dropped a new version of their auditory filtering device, Here Active Listening, that will allow you to hear a song or any type of music as if Tiesto had personally mixed it for you.


The app filters sound, combine EQs and other effects to take the listener into a new sound space–something they’ve never heard before. The current audio filters Doppler Labs has on their app already include Carnegie Hall, Stratosphere, and Small Studio.

To promote the new version of their filtering product, Doppler Labs has also joined forces with Goldenvoice for Coachella 2016. The Tiesto Mode is programmed to sync up during performances on certain stages, such as the Sahara Tent. Doppler Labs is on the forefront of live audio curation, and their vision could change the way we experience festivals forever.