Remoji, pioneer sex toy app, is making strides to change the way couples view adventurous sex.

With new app technology, PicoBong is working to create a remote control sex toy experience where couples can control one another’s pleasure enhancers directly from their phones. What’s more, the target audience for these toys is festivalgoers, and the app is being marketed for public use: “give your partner a thrill, anytime, anywhere!”

These Bluetooth-enabled vibrating toys can be synced to six different music genres, including hip-hop, indie, punk, jazz, techno, and dubstep, and are covert enough to use for play in even the most public of places.

The variety of proto-toys available includes the Surfer remote plug, Life Guard remote ring, and the Blow Hole remote M-cup. The products are set to launch this may.

With festivalgoers being a demographic known for their exploration and experimentation (often with sex, among other things), it would seem PicoBong has successfully targeted a surprisingly willing audience. The device being smartphone-operated is an attractive bonus to generationals, who now don’t have to put down their cellphones even for sex, but can actually make sex better using them!

Though many are quick to scoff at the idea of young and impressionable festival babies getting dirty with each other from across the dance floor, the idea is revolutionary. Public sex fetishes have always existed, and this interactive idea is the first fun way of approaching a fetish that, until now, has not only been shamed, but is illegal for reasons of public indecency. The discreet aspect of this hidden toy makes the “indecency” issue obsolete, with the added appeal of it vibing to the music you’re already enjoying, AND the bonus fun of having your partner take the reins on your pleasure; really, what’s not to love?

There is potential of these devices wreaking havoc all over the festival scene, sure: girls in flower crowns orgasming in the streets, a spike in lude behavior on the dance floor, increased likeliness of actual public sex…perhaps. These issues do accompany the concept of any public sex toy. However, the makers at PicoBong are going to great lengths to market this experience in a fun and friendly way, and they are receiving massive support on their Indiegogo page from excited fans.

Take a look at the company’s indiegogo video, which already has a 464% backing.

The page itself is super informative, and if you’re into it, backing this project gets you an automatic early-bird discount on their soon-to-come series of sex toys.