The highly talented future bass/hip hop producer ReauBeau has just delivered debut EP “My World” through Wolfgang Records, and it’s all kinds of awesome. We went Behind The Bass with the Dutchman to hear more.

Hey Reau Beau, thanks for joining us. You’re not a cop are you?

Haha, you’ve got 30 seconds to comply. Nah, maybe some gun fingering when the tunes are hot.

Tell us about the track, “My World” and what it is all about… 

It’s all I wanted to make in a long time. Infusing all genres I like into one song that everyone can vibe to. I wanted to go back to my hip hop roots for a bit, with a future twist.

Collaborating on tracks can be difficult – did you have any challenges working with three others on this?

Not at all! On “My World” I already had pre-recorded vocals I could do anything with, and I combined it with a clip I was making at that time. On “Paradise”, I made the instrumental first and met up with Leah later. They all did an incredible job on the vocals!

Did you go in to the track with an idea of what you wanted or was it all made up on the spot?

As you can read above, for “My World” I got the vocals first so I wanted to created a feeling around it. I think the production works perfectly. For “Paradise” I did it the other way around and made the total beat first and then recorded the vocals.

This is your first release on a brand new label – I bet that’s exciting? How did you find working with Wolf Gang?

Pfft.. I’ve been excited for months to show the world my new tunes. And with the backing of the WolfGang team, it just felt right. They’ve been really supportive and wanted to include me in to the release process.

 Are you experimenting with any other sounds at the moment?

Well, I have a bunch of tracks up my sleeve actually which I’m excited about. Just still searching for the right MC’s and singer-song writers…


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