Tragedy has struck the electronic music community once again, as five people passed away this past weekend at the Time Warp Festival in Argentina, and an additional five individuals are currently hospitalized, four of whom are in critical condition.

Emergency services were called after a deadly mix of illegal substances poisoned several people and resulted in the investigation of the venue’s grounds and facilities by the Buenos Aires police.

The second night of Time Warp Festival was cancelled and the company released a statement shortly after online:

“We express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the people who passed away. The cause of this tragedy will take some time to determine. The show is cancelled for tonight.”

Health officials say that the remaining victims are on life support, and that most of them are currently in comas.

“They are all in very grave condition, intubated,”Dr. Alberto Crescenti, director of the emergency services in Buenos Aires, told the Todo Noticias TV station. “They are not breathing on their own.”