With a gloriously melodic to making house music, our focus for this week’s Behind The Bass is none other than The Netherlands hailing producer Lulleaux. We talk remixes, his approach to getting in the studio and more…

You’ve just remixed “Skipping Stones” by Claire Guerreso – what was it like working for them?

It was an honour to make a remix of the awesome vocals of Claire’s. I did my job and they approved the remix very quickly, so it did run smoothly.

Did you have many challenges along the way when re-working the original?

I had some but not that much. I wanted to have a calm and emotional break in the track. That’s where I had to write a new part for the piano, which actually took most of the time during the production process. Besides, I wanted to make kind of an upbeat track, but with respect to the origin. This was also sort of a challenge.

Do you find yourself being overly critical towards your music sometimes whereas others aren’t? Do you find this is beneficial for your music or can it be a hindrance?

Sometimes I am. But normally I just go with the flow and trust my ears. I think it’s not that good to over think because you risk making the mistake of adding too many elements, which are useless in the end.

Are there points when making music that you just want to give everything up and throw away the key?

I think every producer has these points…

What do you do to overcome moments of writer’s block? Is there a process or do you just hope that it passes quickly?

I just stop and do something else. When I force myself to stay in the studio it’s a waste of time.

What else do you have in store for 2016?

I have 2 originals scheduled, which will be released very soon. Besides that, I am working on many projects that are close to completion. So you can expect a lot of new music!

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