EDM has made it all the way to Westeros! MOGA is launching its inaugural festival this year in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Essaouira, Morocco, also known by Game of Thrones fans as the slaver’s city of Astapor in Essos.

In the show (and the novels), Astapor is the home of the Unsullied, the strongest and most loyal born and bred slave-soldiers in the world. Daenerys, the dragon queen and favored contester to the Iron Throne, purchases the entire army of Unsullied and lets them loose against their masters. A blood-bath and dragon fire battle ensues on the ancient seaside city with Daenerys as victor, having freed every slave in the city.

While the city of Astapor is a picturesque but brutal place, in our world it is a relaxation destination. Particularly in the ’60s, Essaouria was a famous hippie hangout for groovy stars like Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens. The city is said by historians to be inhabited since ancient times. Known for its brilliant blue seas and fortress walls, Essaouria is a breathtaking choice of venue for a festival debut.

MOGA boasts a mix of electronic music and digital art, with rumors of over-the-top pyrotechnic displays. Not much more information has yet been released on the festival, and the lineup is a complete mystery. The event will be taking place in “the legendary city” October of this year. Watch their teaser video announcement below.