Calvin Harris tops the charts once again, this time with his impressive bankroll, not his tunes.

Harris has been named as one of Britain’s top paid musicians, and he has reportedly raked in a total of $136 million over the course of his career. In comparison, this is three times the amount deadmau5 has made.

“Calvin is a surprise – he’s so successful and gets paid so well,” New York Times Editor Ian Coxon said. “People get in fashion and have a great success. I don’t know whether his success will continue at quite the same rate.”

Calvin Harris is at the top of the list, alongside Rock and Roll legends U2, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Elton John, and the highest-paid female musician on the list falls with Adele at the No. 30 spot.

The list of compiled top banking musicians is solely based off of identifiable riches, including property, land management, other assets such as cars, boats, etc. The list, however, does not include their bank account in the total, which definitely leaves us wondering how much more these musicians are really worth.