Dillon Francis is a talented musician, but some people also know him to be quite the comedian. Francis has given us a taste of his humor in multiple Hard festival trailers and countless other events (like, every DJ set he ever does), but something recently resurfaced from his past that has everyone talking once again.

Francis’ rider from 2012 was just released again, and it has some pretty hilarious items, such as a blowup doll and lube, VHS porn tapes, a piñata filled with candy, replica whip from Indiana Jones, black tar heroin, a gun, an amish made electric fireplace, a signed photo of Avicii, and the best one of all: the promoter’s girlfriend’s phone number. Some of these items are jokingly added on of course, but they all make for a good laugh.

However, Dillon Francis does have his normal tour essentials listed such as fresh socks, fresh fruit, clean towels, turkey jerky, and coconut water, but his quirky add-ons are what truly make this list one-of-a-kind.