Police have reported that two men were stabbed during an altercation between security guards at Coachella’s final weekend.

Sgt. Dan Marshall of the Indio Police Department told LA Weekly that, “At the time of the incident the venue was not open.” No festivalgoers were reportedly in any danger.

The fight began in the morning around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday at the security checkpoint at Empire Polo Fields.

“The initial investigation uncovered that there was a verbal dispute between two different groups of individuals employed by the same security vendor working at the festival that escalated into a physical altercation,” Marshall told reporters.

One of the victims suffered injuries to his head and required hospitalization. The second victim suffered a stab wound to his abdomen, yet remains in good condition.

The stabbing suspect has not been identified, but police said they have interviewed several witnesses.

Indio police stated they made 128 arrests during the first weekend of the festival. Most arrests were for drug and alcohol violations.