Words just can’t describe it.

The world waits to come together again under the electric sky in only 50 days, and the guys at EDC made sure theit 20th anniversary is one everyone will be begging to attend.

Insomniac just released every PLUR kid’s wet dream with their dazzling fly-though video of EDC Las Vegas. The video experience is mind-bogglingly beautiful – enough so to bring tears to your eyes – and will have you booking a flight to Nevada right after.

This glittering 12-minute trailer features video clips of all of the stages including kineticFIELD, bassPOD, circuitGROUNDS, neonGARDEN, cosmicMEADOW and wasteLAND. Our hopes are high for this year under the electric sky and it looks like Insomniac, once again, will not be disappointing.