Beatport has just released a statement verifying that they will be shutting down a few of their platforms and even their streaming service on May 13, 2016. In addition, Beatport News and the events section of the home page will be taken down as well. The company feels they have diverged and lost focus from a quality network and want to focus on what is essentially important to their loyal customers: new, fresh, music.

Beatport also wants to progress and to keep improving their online store, which is now running over 50 percent faster. The most used features in their online store includes track, releases, artists and genre pages.

The following statement was released on their site:

“For over 12 years, the Beatport Store has served DJs and the electronic music community. As a new generation of artists, performers, and sounds develop and grow, inspired by the leaders of today and the past, the Beatport Store will continue to be there to support the music and inspire the community.”

We’re still uncertain who will place the winning bid for the EDM giant at the end of this month, but this news definitely has us wondering what exactly is in store for their future.

UPDATE (6:54 p.m. EST): We’ve just received word that Beatport will also be shutting down its distribution company, Baseware Distribution. We encourage everyone to check out our parent company, Symphonic, as they are currently offering a record labels an unbeatable deal. Labels who sign up for distribution through Symphonic will receive:

  • 90% of all royalties
  • No sign-up fee
  • No threshold

Feel free to reach out to them or visit their website for more information!