A recent report claimed that Apple will be terminating music downloads within the next two years. Despite being a large source of revenue for the company, iTunes music downloads have been on the decline.

Apple has now responded by saying that the claims are false. “Our response is that it is not true, we are not shutting down iTunes downloads per your story yesterday,” Apple media executive Tom Neumayr told Digital Music News.


Apple rarely responds to media inquiries, so Neumayr’s response is out of the ordinary. The company usually delivers any information via official press releases, statements and the likes.

The sources, who remain confidential, still stand by their initial statements. One even went on to say that Apple is most likely receiving inquiries from labels unhappy with the idea of losing future download sales. “Of course you can imagine, [the labels] don’t want to rug ripped out from under them,” one source explained.

Digital Music News still stands by their story, so it’s a battle of trust until more information is released.