It’s with a heavy heart we announce that yes, the rumors could be true. Kylie Jenner, the youngest sister of the infamous Kardashian clan, has reportedly decided to take up a career in DJing.

Kylie made her singing debut on rapper Lil Yachty’s new track “Beautiful Day” last week, though the song was VERY poorly received. Many slammed her for using the racial slur “n***a” in her song.

Kylie had her first go at DJing during this past Coachella at a PAPER Magazine party. She posted a few pictures from the event on her Instagram.

kylie jenner dj

Her debut is scheduled in Las Vegas at Foxtail nightclub on Sunday, May 29…or so we thought? SLS Las Vegas sent out the following Tweet last night:

However, Kylie responded to the Tweet and retweeted Foxtail’s promo with the caption “This isn’t true.”

For what it’s worth, no one seemed too hyped for it anyway. But we find it a little fishy that an extremely reputable club in Vegas would lie and create promo flyers for an event that was never taking place. We wonder if there’s more to this story after all?