DJ Pauly D; Whenever I hear this name the first thing that comes to mind is the infamous Jersey Shore. However, Complex recently put out a feature of the former Jersey Shore cast member, and he revealed that he is much more than just the G.T.L lifestyle (G.T.L= Gym, Tan, Laundry. In case you weren’t an avid Jersey Shore watcher).

Pauly D is a successful DJ and businessman that makes over $11 million a year (which is almost as much as Diplo, to put into perspective). While being on Jersey Shore did propel him to new levels of stardom, Pauly D used this opportunity to get his name out there and be recognized, and at a crucial moment in the dance music industry nonetheless. Unlike his other cast members who only made club appearances, Pauly D would actually turn down invitations unless he was allowed to DJ.

“All the other [cast members] could do club appearances, because they couldn’t do anything else,” said one of his two managers, Larry Rudolph. “The last thing Pauly would want to do is these club appearances where he just shows up and sits on the couch.”

While many people discredit Pauly D’s DJ skills because of his association with Jersey Shore, his hard work and resilience is paying off. He now plays in Vegas at residencies or one-off parties.

“I wanted to work to my dream, not just be some reality show DJ,” Pauly said. “There are still some skeptics, and how I prove them wrong is just with my DJ skills.”

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