In an unprecedented move, Spotify announced that they will be launching 12 new original series that will hopefully be available to the public as soon as this summer and fall. The shows will be revolving around three main themes including musical performances, music profiles and the music culture in general. Each episode will be approximately 15 minutes long and Spotify hopes to keep its listeners tuned in more often.

The two newest series exclusive to Spotify will include Landmark, which is a riveting documentary about some of the biggest moments in music history. The second new series is called Rush Hour, which will throw two artist together to work on a set, and then they will have to perform it live.

The service to watch these episodes will remain free, as Spotify currently offers clips from major television networks such as Comedy Central, MTV, and ESPN at no cost. Spotify is also working to improve their video network and make it as in demand at their music streaming.  The Spotify app is currently ready for download on the Apple Store and also on Google Play.