Our favorite Twitter drama king, deadmau5, has had his toes stepped on yet again, this time by a group of hackers. What began as a benign invasion of his SoundCloud profile escalated quickly into some full-fledged felonies, as well as some interesting purchases made on deadmau5’s personal dime by the unknown internet delinquents.

The ‘security group’ who hacked him go by the name “OurMine” started off their harassment by worming their way into deadmau5’s SoundCloud account and uploading an old song to the profile which has since been deleted.

Deadmau5 was less than impressed.


The hackers decided to kick it up a notch, accessed his credit card info, accountant’s office and owned properties and released this information to the public.

The hackers apparently went as far as to purchase a bunch of dildos from deadmau5’s personal credit card and had it sent to one of his homes, which apparently he no longer lives in.


It would seem he is only mildly annoyed by these inconveniences; however you can be sure he’s contacted his attorney and will presumptively follow up on prosecuting these felonies.